Walks All Over You

Catey Shaw slays in a bunch of my pieces from my 2011 Collection, All Decked Out in the video for her new single, Walks All Over You. This might be my favorite video of hers yet. check it out here!

XO Varsity Cardigan

The XO Cardigan seen on one of my favorite vocalists, Andra Day
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Pre Order Your Collegiate Swag!

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xoxo, julie!

New Timers Season 2!


excited to share the premiere of season 2 of New Timers, a Comedy Central web series I was lucky enough to work on over the summer. I designed all of the costumes for both season 1 & 2 of this quirky, funny, post-apocalyptic show--which was a big change up from what i'm used to designing- clean, quirky retro clothes. big thanks to my assistant, Michaela Calotta. She rules. This was a great team to work with and i'm so excited to see what the future brings everyone, especially the brilliant Matt Porter & Charlie Hankin

So, you wanna be a fashion designer?

guys, this is big. i've been working behind the scenes a lot creating a.... drum roll, please....E COURSE.

wait, what? what's an e-course?

well. an e-course is a course, like a class, that you take online. it will be an intensive download with videos and photos and super personal stories that make this class unlike any other out there. but what will it be about? well, what do i do? what could i teach you about? you guessed it, i'm teaching about something that i consider myself an expert in, being me. introducing: