So, you wanna be a fashion designer?

guys, this is big. i've been working behind the scenes a lot creating a.... drum roll, please....E COURSE.

wait, what? what's an e-course?

well. an e-course is a course, like a class, that you take online. it will be an intensive download with videos and photos and super personal stories that make this class unlike any other out there. but what will it be about? well, what do i do? what could i teach you about? you guessed it, i'm teaching about something that i consider myself an expert in, being me. introducing:

Collegiate Swag Launch Party!

Calling all Cheerleaders!!! Grab your Jocks & Pom Poms, and head back to school with my new collection , Collegiate Swag! Renee and Julie will be your Professors for the day, so take a break from your studies, open up those trapper keepers and grab that number 2 pencil 'cause you’re gonna wanna write down the date of this one! Let’s break out the red plastic solo cups, pump that keg (seriously, it’s going to be a kegger!) and celebrate the launch of Julie’s 4th (!!!!) retroversible collection! Make sure you register for early enrollment so you don’t wind up in...

The Sweet Dreams Tour!

ahh! last night was the Sweet Dreams Tour at Gramercy Theatre in NYC! It's so exciting to see my clothes on stage night after night via social media but i was so thrilled to see it IRL. it was my first time seeing Megan live (and only our 3rd time ever meeting face to face!) it was incredible! she brings my clothes to life in the most perfect way. she is surrounded by an incredible team of people and i am so happy and grateful to be a part of it. what a doll. she sounded & looked perfect. it...

behind the scenes at my fall photoshoot!

yesterday, my fabulous photographer of 7 (!!!) years Katrina Eugenia  and I shot my fall collection. The collection is titled Collegiate Swag (see: previous blog post to get the joke) so we shot on campus at my alma mater, Pratt Institute.

here are some behind the scenes photos, captured by my lovely intern, coco, from the shoot. 


Collegiate Shag!

This is the Collegiate Shag:
Now stay tuned for #CollegiateSwag...
Coming SOON
xoxo, julie