beehive hair tutorial video!

hello! i always get asked about my hair and how long this takes me. this was a 3 minute video before i sped it up. super fast, stylish and easy! enjoy!
xoxo, julie!
ps. this works best with dirty hair. i do this on day 4 or 5 of not washing my hair

little julie!

hello! i am so excited to introduce the newest team member here at Julie Mollo, meet little Julie.

Litte Julie was created by a customer of mine, Gia, at Hooked Hands. she makes amazing crocheted dolls and offered to make me a sidekick. i sent her some scrap fabric and little julie was born. i love her so much. 

xoxo, julie & little julie!

I am a lady gun!

so, i recently got nominated by a super rad friend to be a Lady Gun through this super rad website,  Lady Guns Global, and i got to chat about goals, mantras, ladies & my favorite places in Brooklyn. Check it out here! 
xoxo, julie!

halloween 2k15!


what will you dress up as?

1. Wednesday Addams = Retroversible Swing Dress + Black tights + Pigtails 

2. Schoolgirl =Retroversible Circle Skirt + Bae Blouse + XO Cardigan + Book 

3. Twiggy = Retroversible Swing Dress + Blonde Wig

4. Pencil = Retroversible Pencil Skirt + black tights + pink shirt

5. Holly Golightly = Retroversible Pencil Skirt + Black shirt...

Andra Day on Live! With Kelly & Michael!

check out my girl Andra Day in my custom denim 2-piece look this morning on Live! with Kelly & Michael on ABC. She is such a badass and has such an incredible voice. i am pumped to be working with her.
xoxo, julie