The 2018 ALS Sparkle Clutch!

The 2018 ALS Sparkle Clutch!

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Super fun glitter vinyl clutch with 11" YKK metal top zipper and glittery hypocycloid canvas applique. What’s that? It may just looks like gold sparkles on a black clutch, but if you know anything about my dad, J Mollo, you know he loves the Pittsburgh Steelers. I wasn’t going to make a Steelers specific clutch but this clutch is black and gold to represent his team and it also has the steelers symbols, hypocycloids (fun fact: hypocycloids are what results from the negative space when you push 4 circles together- dad loves teaching people that).

Really though, this is a great, basic sparkle clutch to have in your wardrobe and take out on the town. This clutch is a fabulous addition to any clutch collection and all proceeds of this style will go towards Compassionate Care ALS, the angels based in my home state of Massachusetts who have been doing so, so much for my father and my family, as my dad has been battling ALS for the past year and a half.

to read more about the reasons behind why I am donating to this organization, click here.

Designed & handmade in Brooklyn, NY! 11x5.5" Personalize your clutch with super adorable brass zipper charms to make yours stand out even more!