Must Have Clutches for Game Day!

Who says the Super Bowl can't be glamorous?! Here are your must have clutches to whip out at your next Super Bowl Party! You'll have your guest screaming TOUCHDOWN when you walk into the room!
This Transparent Sparkly Football Clutch  is an essential for game day!!!! Whether you're at the stadium or chillin' at home with the bros, this clutch is sure to be a big hit.
PASS THE DIP!!! Make a statement around the snack table with the Green Glitter Avocado Clutch!!! No matter what team you're on, everyone can come together over some chips and dip!!!
Don't forget your Sparkly Pizza Slice Clutch  for the all-important half-time pizza break!!!!! Great for all game day pictures, this clutch goes great with a slice of pepperoni!!

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