Julie's Birthday Special: Her Favorite Clutches!

it's my birthday! and therefore i wanted to share my favorite clutches ever- i do play favorites with my kids and these are my 4 faves: 
the makeup face clutch! this is obvi julie's favorite because this is her self portrait clutch- many customers refer to this bag as the eyebrows/lips bag, but this is supposed to represent the cat-eyeliner that julie used to draw on every day!
the champagne clutch! not only does julie love champagne and celebrating any and everything, but she loves the colors that make up this bag-- the silver and gold literally go with everything- especially the gold and silver bracelets that julie loves to mix every day!
large confetti travel bag! does this even need an explanation?! its huge. its clear. its filled with confetti. oh my god i love this bag!
aquarius zodiac clutch! because aquarians rule and it is AQUARIUS SEASON. 
xoxo, julie!

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