It's HOT HOT HOT in New York City!
I have been wanting to hit beach with friends, but instead, I'm in my studio sewing away to make sure you guys have the perfect clutches for your trips to the beach! WHOO HOO! Here are my top picks for the best clutches to go with that cute swimsuit of yours! 
1) Beach Mermaid Clutch! ... the name says it all! Enough said (;
2) Strawberry Soft Serve Clutch! This clutch screams summer and fun and a day at the beach! Grab some ice cream on the pier to complete your look with this one! 
3 & 4) Tropical Palm Tree Clutch! AND Tropical Pineapple Clutch! 
These two are the power couple of fresh and fun beach clutches! 

5) Deep-Water Shark Clutch! ... scare off the sharks with your own guardian shark!


Pack your clutch with some SPF to keep your skin looking youthful for years to come, an inflatable rainbow beach ball, your favorite pair of shades, and, of course, red lipstick for a little attitude. Oh! and don't forget your keys and wallet! Can't wait to see you and your clutches at the beach! 

Post a photo of you and your packed clutch and tag @juliemollo with the #clutchedbysummer! Can't wait to follow along with your summer adventures!




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