Em John Jewelry X Julie Mollo!

SO excited to announce the keychain collaboration of my dreams with Emma Johnson of Em John Jewelry! I have been obsessed with Emmas products for a while now, and she loves my clutches, so when i reached out to see what she thought about my idea for a collab..it was off to the races!

So, how did this come about? I met Emma's mom (Tory Johnson of GMA's Deals & Steals) the night i first pitched my products at STORY back in 2017. Through following Tory, i found Emma, who also sold her products at STORY and also had holiday trunk shows there that winter. I became a huge fan of Em Johns and bought numerous keychains to pair with my clutches (because even an accessory needs an accessory, amiright?). Emma is such a gem, and a true champion of independent, women-owned businesses! 

I love her price point, her whimsy, her fun materials and everything about her shape-based products (duh!) and am so excited to bring these to YOU! The 5 designs we chose tell the story of 5 very prominent themes throughout my line-- NYC, Fruit, Bridal, Tropical and Confetti. I never leave my house without pairing a keychain to my clutch and I hope you do the same!

Click Here To Shop The Collaboration!
xoxo, Julie!

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