It's always a good idea to fit some FUN into your schedule, and for us New Yorkers, a classic, fun summer day means Coney Island! A day at an amusement park, though, requires the cutest clutch to go along with it... 
so here are my TOP 5 picks for the best clutches to bring to the amusement park!
1) The Magical Unicorn Clutch to match the whimsical and magical esthetic
of all things carnivalesque! (pictured below)
2) The Ice-Cream clutch that won't melt like your actual treat! (pictured below)
3) The Rainbow Confetti Clutch! I love, love, love this colorful clutch that will surely sparkle and stand out under the summer sun! (pictured below)
4) The Sparkly Rainbow Clutch is ready to be taken out on a hot summer adventure, so let this rainbow go and play outside where it belongs!
(pictured below with Confetti Clutch)

5) The DELICIOUS looking Pretzel Clutch is a great reminder to go ahead and indulge in amusement park snacks while your there! (pictured below)

Post a photo of your clutch of choice and tag @juliemollo with the #clutchedbysummer




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