Collegiate Swag Launch Party!

Calling all Cheerleaders!!! Grab your Jocks & Pom Poms, and head back to school with my new collection , Collegiate Swag! Renee and Julie will be your Professors for the day, so take a break from your studies, open up those trapper keepers and grab that number 2 pencil 'cause you’re gonna wanna write down the date of this one! Let’s break out the red plastic solo cups, pump that keg (seriously, it’s going to be a kegger!) and celebrate the launch of Julie’s 4th (!!!!) retroversible collection! Make sure you register for early enrollment so you don’t wind up in detention!

Sunday, October 11 @ 2pm
@ SlapBack
490 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
G to Lorimer L to Metropolitan
xoxo, julie!

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