So, you wanna be a fashion designer?

guys, this is big. i've been working behind the scenes a lot creating a.... drum roll, please....E COURSE.

wait, what? what's an e-course?

well. an e-course is a course, like a class, that you take online. it will be an intensive download with videos and photos and super personal stories that make this class unlike any other out there. but what will it be about? well, what do i do? what could i teach you about? you guessed it, i'm teaching about something that i consider myself an expert in, being me. introducing:


so you wanna be a fashion designer? now what? 
a guide to getting it together.
this will be available January 1, the time of year that we better ourselves and get excited for new plans and new careers and new resolutions. this is a super intensive class that will teach you how to get your ideas out of your brain, onto paper and into production. This will be full of industry lingo and topics that i didn't learn about until AFTER i graduated college (with a BFA in fashion design) and began putting my designs into production on my own. i was a bit lost, and in over my head with orders that i could no longer make myself. i didn't know what it took to put my ideas into production with a factory and was wasting tons of money trying to figure it out on my own. learn from my very expensive mistakes with an e-course full of personal examples and step by step guides to help you BE A FASHION DESIGNER.
true life: i still get excited when people i'm meeting ask me what i do and i tell them "i am a fashion designer, i work for myself". it's a very exciting job title to have and still seems to me like one of those job titles you want when you're 8 years old..but it's my real life! yay! i gave myself this job title and i want to give it to you, too. sign up on the e-course website to stay informed about all of the happenings through the fall and into january, and if you know anyone that would be interested in this e-course, please send it their way! 
xoxo, julie
a fashion designer
Photo by Lucy LaRiot

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