2019 CCALS fundraiser!


It is June 1 and it's been a little over 10 months since ALS took my dad's life. ALS is the worst disease i can ever imagine and having witnessed it's cruelty, cannot wait to have an end for it. until that day comes, there is CCALS, an incredible organization based in Massachusetts that helps patients and their families with the complexities of the disease. This is my 3rd annual clutch fundraiser for this nonprofit that was there for us during the worst time in my family's life. 

CCALS provides so much to so many families: special wheelchairs, home chairs, braces, lifts, rails, feeding formulas but also provided us with rides to doctor appts in wheelchair accessible vehicles, and would literally wait outside the hospital for as long as the appointment took- most being over 5 hours- they were also a phone call away anytime a tricky topic needed to be approached and communicated. 

Dad, in true J Mollo fashion, was buried in his Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steeler jersey and all of the flowers that surrounded his casket were black and gold- most being sunflowers- to represent his favorite sports team in a tasteful and masculine way :) Over 550 people came to dad's wake, it was a truly amazing show of love and support. I want to continue to give back to this organization that was so amazing to us and continue to be a GREAT support to SO many other families in Massachusetts and beyond. 

thank you in advance- hope you all LOVE the sunflower mini clutch- the 3rd design appropriately designed for this fundraiser- and also just plain adorable and perfect for summer :) enjoy!!! 

click HERE to shop the sunflower clutch - 100% of profits go towards CCALS

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